You ask, riku answers 


 Thank you for the questions!?

I hope you find out some answers from the long chatting. This was a bit awkvard but quite fun after all!?

Btw And sorry, that I got a bit carried away with the sounds from the keyboard?

Have a nice weekend! -RR” (Friday, 09.04.2021)


”Thanks to everybody involved! 
That was a nice and interesting task. Although my vlogger skills are perhaps not on the highest level, yet.
Also I want to Thank You all for the kind words and nice messages along the way and your active and amazing support!❤️
Keep up the good work!
Take care and enjoy the weekend! -RR ” (23.04.2021) 

Next Date!

29.09.2022 Tallinn - Chicago 1933 

30.09.2022 Töllön Funk Klubi, Manala 




"Here I am" is available on all digital streaming platforms 





Riku will release another new single on 06.08.2021. Save the Date! 




Rikus second single "Half broken heart" is now available on all digital streaming platforms 




Check out "You ask, Riku answers". Fans were able to ask Riku everything the always wanted to know and he answered by him selected questions in a Video 




Rikus new single will be out on 30.4.2021




Riku finally released his very first Solo Single! We are more then thrilled. Stream on




Riku will release his first solo single on 12th February 2021. stay tuned!


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