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Thank you all so much for taking part at the Q & A 2013. We got soooo many questions so we agreed to answer 30 instead of the promised 20. Some of your questions were already answered in the Interview of 2008. Check it out and you might find your answer ;) And now: Have fun and don't hesitate to leave your comment underneath. 



And a special Thank you!!! to Riku for taking the time!



Why do you have a scar on your chin? 

That one is not actually a scar. It´s sort of an dimple…although it is in a weird place.


Describe yourself in 3 words:  

Everyday normal guy :)


What kind of sports do you do and do you like extreme sports?

Nowadays I do mostly Tennis, badminton, table tennis and other ballsports, sometimes jogging and gym.


What kind of music do you love to listen to in your free time - is there a favorite singer or band who always accompanies you through good and bad times like Sunrise Avenue does with us fans?? 

It changes a lot from time to time. Every now and then it varies from certain bands to certain artists…from Beatles to Madonna and from Foo Fighters to John Mayer. I´ve always liked Pat Metheny as a instrumentalist among many other jazz players. 


Do you have any favorite perfume/ aftershave/ shower-gel?

Not actually.


What things did you collect as a child?

Little cars, glossy scraps, football- and rockstar cards etc.


What do you do, when you can't fall asleep?

Fortunately, I usually don´t have the problem. (...Knock on wood;) 


What's the stuff you can laugh about? 

I try to be able to laugh about everything.  


Which three things do you take with you to a lonesome island?

Acoustic guitar, pillow and a mobile phone with never ending battery and limitless balance. 


What do you do when you are alone in an elevator with mirrors on the wall?

I probably check that I don´t have any food remains on the chin and then turn my head away from the mirror. 


What did you buy with the first money you have earned by yourself?

Can´t remember but surely it was something to do with music….could be some guitar effect pedal.


Do you believe in something even so you can’t prove it?

Rarely not.


Is it not annoying to always play the same songs?

Not really because usually there is a new pair of ears in the audience which makes it always a new situation.


What do you think / what’s going on in your mind when you are standing on stage? Do you think of something special or do you close your mind and just feel the music and audience?

I just try to focus on what´s happening. Feel and listen to the music and the audience.


Do you have a classical music education?

I don´t know precisely what is meant with "classical" but yes I do.


Would you like to do a solo project in the future (or in general) or do you prefer more to play in a band?

I prefer playing in a band and play music with people. I´ve had many different projects through the years and also solo stuff. As long as it is fun and rewarding anything can happen. 


Your life motto is … :

Do your best and have a good time.


What drives you up to the wall?

Unfairness towards children.


Funniest person you know:

There´s so many funny persons in different ways…


Most embarrassing cd you own:

I don´t think there is any. 


Do you have any habit when you are nervous?

To drum thighs, probably. 


Your favorite place:

It depends on the mood. Sometimes summer cottage and sometimes downtown. But usually home or stage.


Are you afraid of needles / Storm / Spiders / lifts?

Not really afraid but not that I would love needles or spiders.


How did it start with Sunrise Avenue?

Accidentally and quickly through friends.


Are there any recent projects next to Sunrise Avenue?

Some projects with different people. Some recording sessions with some Finnish friends and so on.


Tell us more about your gear:

That really depends on the situation and whether it´s live thing or studio stuff. With Sunrise Avenue I mainly use different Gibson guitars mostly SG´s and Les Pauls etc. And sometimes also some other type of electric guitars like Tele´s and Strat´s depending on the occasion. For amps Mesa Boogie/ Fender/ Suhr. A variety of effect pedals from TC Electronic, Xotic, MI Audio, Dunlop/MXR...And an Axe-Fx II by Fractal Audio Systems. 


To which Sunrise Song to you have a special connection and why?

I usually remember the situations and recording sessions of the album tracks which usually connects me to almost all of the songs in a special way...For example a song tiled Hollywood Hills from the previous album has an outro that brings me always a nice memory-mixture of the sunny countryside of Finland and LA.


What was the weirdest or funniest job you ever had?

I think the job I had as a janitor for old people´s nursing home counts as the first one. 


What is your most favorite moment in your career so far?

Aaargh, there is SO many!! But some of the past tour´s last shows have been really memorable.


Last Book: 

At the moment it is A Brief Moment In History by Stephen Hawking but it´s been unfinished the last few months. Last one I finished was probably Miika Nousiainen´s Maaninkavaara.



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