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Name: Riku Juhani Rajamaa


Nickname: Hmmm...probably Riku Räjähde, Riksa to mention a few. I guess my friends would know more of those..


Birthplace: Helsinki,Finland


Birthday: 4th November


Eyecolour: greyblueish


Instruments: Voice, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussions, Steel Pan, Harmonica...


I make music since I am: 15


Hobby: Music, Movies, Football, Badminton, Floorball and other ballsports...


Music: There are so many good bands, artist, composers etc. that the list would be really long. But some all time favourites from the youth to present day are for example: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Sting&Police, MIles Davis, Seal, Sibelius, Pat Metheny, Many bands from 90..s Seattle scene, Lots of Jazz/Blues/Fusion-intsrumental music and so on. The last years I`ve listened to Tim Christensen, Gavin DeGraw, and other good singer/songwriters..Recently Mutemath, and many Blues/Fusion- guitarists...


Film: Well..there`s also quite a few...Star Wars,Lord of the rings, American Beauty, Godfather(s), Crash, Fight Club, Silence of the lambs, Amores Perros etc and of course James Bond-movies, Films by Zucker- Zucker-Abrahams (Top Secret, Police Squad, Naked Gun...), Finnish comedy movies and the list goes on and on.

Good hab: I don`t usually come late.


Bad hab:


Drink: Non-fat milk, but depends on the day...


Food: Depends also on the day, but e.g. Nepalese, Italian, Thai.


I like a lot: Meet friends and new people, to see people enjoy what they do.


I don't like: Dishonesty


Actor/Actress: Edward Norton/ Charlize Theron


Concerts I have seen: Cardigans, Sting, The Police, Robbie Williams, Mars Volta, Tommy Emmanuelle etc.


I am afraid of: Wars




by Riku Rajamaa on 13 January 2008

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